Google+ WTN Haiti Partnership: December 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

St. Vincent's Year-End Report 2013 from Fr. Leon Sadoni

What follows below is a year end report on the life of the school, including its great successes and its massive challenges. Please read all the way through to get a fuller picture of St. Vincent's in 2013.

Dear Friends in the US,

On behalf of the children of St Vincent, I present to you my greeting. It is an honor for me to give you some news regarding St Vincent from July to December 2013.

We ended the school year 2012-2013 with 230 children. We had a great school year. Certainly we did have some difficulties, but with the donations and expertise of our partners, our experiences, and our dedication, we overcame these situations.

As usual at the end of the school year in July, St Vincent’s students took part in the official exams organized by the government. All the 17 students succeeded in these exams! Apart from the blindness and physical challenges that will always be present at these exams, this year 6 deaf children  took part in these exams for the first time. We accomplished this goal through the training that our Canadian and American friends gave to our teachers this year.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Donor Challenge to raise money for Food

We have an offer from a very generous donor to match contributions of money for food, up to $6090.   That is the cost of feeding the resident children and staff of St Vincents School for one month

Please take this opportunity to go to our website at and DONATE to take advantage of this tremendous offer.  All donations go directly to Pere Sadoni, the priest in charge of the school. There are no administrative costs. Thank you in advance for your support

Susan Nelson