Google+ WTN Haiti Partnership: March 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Altar Linen for St Mary's Cathedral- with Haitian touches

This Sunday, March 30, at St Mary's Cathedral in Memphis, we will have a special blessing of a new altar linen for the Cathedral altar.  This Fair Linen, as it is called, has a special meaning for me and those of us who work in Haiti.  The Sisters of St Margaret, who live and work in Haiti, create and embroider altar linens.  You can see their brochure pictured here

This religious community is the same group that Sr Joan Margaret belonged to; the sister who founded St Vincent's School over 50 years ago.  I have been hoping we could have something embroidered by these sisters, in use at our altar at St Mary's, for years.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Envisioning the Future of St. Vincent's School, Holy Trinity Cathedral

Over the last few months, the national Episcopal Church has renewed its focus on the Diocese of Haiti, especially Holy Trinity Cathedral and St. Vincent's School in Port-au-Prince. Below, you will find many links detailing the growing momentum in the Episcopal Church nationwide for the children of St. Vincent's and the people of Haiti. We highly recommend this new video about the needs of the school and a recent major donation that will make your day :)  Read on to see site development plans, calls from clergy, news reports, and the direct efforts of the WTHP.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Travel Fund in honor of Deacon Drew Woodruff-support our team

This month at St Mary's Cathedral in Memphis we have created a special travel fund to support the cost of team members travelling to Haiti.  It costs about $1300 per trip to buy a plane ticket and stay in the guest house for a week. Team members pay all their own expenses. For those of us who have been going to Haiti twice a year since 2008, those costs have added up over the years!  So the good people at St Mary's have agreed to establish a special Travel Fund.  Donations to the fund will be separate from donations to support the school itself, or buy food or medicine for the children.
If you would like to donate to support the cost of our team members who travel regularly to St Vincent's, please mail a check to St Mary's Cathedral, 700 Poplar Ave, Memphis TN 38105.  Or click on the DONATE link on this website and designate your donation for travel expenses.


Susan Nelson