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Thursday, March 25, 2010

West Tennessee Haiti Partnership Upcoming Trip to Haiti

We are planning another trip to Haiti April 24 - May 1.  Our team will consist of Dr. Susan Nelson, Deacon Drew Woodruff, John Mutin, Amy Bonk-Chanin, and Allie Russos, all veterans from our December 2009 trip.  Debbie Hooser may join us as well.  Debbie has been to Montrouis several times and will be a valuable addition to our medical team.  We are looking for someone to run our pharmacy.  This person must be familiar with medications; any knowledge of French is a plus! Kellar McCloy ran our pharmacy in December, but he is studying for boards in medical school and unable to join us this time.  We will also have Margaret McLaughlin with us.  She has not been to Haiti before but has worked for the peace corps for many years and has worked in the Sudan.  She has experience working with teachers in disaster/crisis situations and hopes to work with the teachers at St. Vincent's school.

Susan Nelson spoke with Dr. Diane Petrilla this week after her trip to Montrouis in March with 25 University students from Sewanee.  Dr. Petrilla ran a medical clinic in Montrouis and also toured the destruction in Port au Prince.  She reported that the team was able to sleep in beds inside the dormitories at St. Paul's compound in Montrouis, that the electricity was intermittent and there was a "drizzle of water" in the showers.  She enjoyed swimming in the ocean!  The kids from St. Vincent's were sleeping in tents since they are still afraid to be inside any buildings.  We will see how the rainy season affects their willingness to continue sleeping outside.

On previous trips we bought many medicines from Haitian pharmacies in Port au Prince.  However, since we are unsure if any pharmacies are operational now, we plan to take all our medical supplies with us.  We also hope to take clothing for the kids, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, and school supplies if space permits.

We ask your prayers for the safe travel of our team and our supplies and that we will be a blessing to our Haitian friends rather than a burden.
Susan Nelson

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