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Friday, April 16, 2010

Medical Team going to Haiti April 24-May 1

We are taking a team of 9 members to Haiti on April 24 and travelling to Montrouis to see the children who were evacuated out of St. Vincent's School for Handicapped Children after the earthquake of Jan 12. The team members are:
Susan Nelson
John Mutin
Amy Bonk-Chanin
Debbie Hooser
Lauren Coleman
Kelvin Pollard II
Drew Woodruff
Allie Russos
Margaret McLaughlin

We are taking all our medical supplies with us since we don't know the status of the pharmacies in Port au Prince. We will get to see the community of St. Paul's church in Montrouis as well, which is a parish some folks from the West Tennessee Haiti Partnership have visited in past years. The community is on the coast of Haiti, so I am looking forward to swimming in the ocean at the end of a hot day!

Our group in Memphis has been studying Creole, so I am hoping to speak to some of the children in their own language. I am sure they will laugh at my mixed up words, but it will be great fun.

I ask your prayers for the safety of our team, our medical supplies, and especially for the children and staff of St. Vincent's and St. Paul's.

Susan Nelson

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